Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing (abbreviated as SMM) is a term used in modern marketing and describes the methods of advertising, promotion, management and PR (Public Relations) on social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.).

Social networking sites have penetrated the everyday lives of people who - regardless of age - participate and discuss in the social media, exchange opinions, communicate their interests, share feelings, and externalise their daily routine. This fact creates great commercial opportunities for enterprises if properly promoted on those media. To achieve success, it is not sufficient to create a page on Facebook or a Twitter account and some notifications. It takes strategy, time, and understanding. Work with us, and we will develop for you a suitable online strategy adapted to your objectives and specific requirements.

Why an external partner for social media?

The Time
Do you have the time to manage your presence on social media or is there any employee who has the skills and the time to do it? Most often, the answer is negative. Your time is limited, and you are very busy with running the business.


The Renewal
To ensure that your presence on social networking sites will be efficient and effective, knowledge, experience, and constant updating for the industry of online marketing are needed.

Actions for communication

Dealing with social media requires constant monitoring. Each notification and information on the platforms of social media is the result of strategy and research. We have to design, develop and implement the necessary actions to communicate the appropriate message to the appropriate target group. We have the experience and expertise to undertake the management of social media.

What we can offer

  • We design the right strategy, we analyse your needs and set goals
  • We select which Social Media are the most suitable for your business
  • We renew and enrich the content with texts and photos needed for you to have a profitable presence
  • We communicate regularly so that we are not cut off from the business. Partners who are informed will share knowledge, experience, and new ideas that can help
  • If it is needed, we create ads on the pages of social media, targeting specific audiences, promoting even faster your product or service
  • Along with the management of social media, we pay attention to the use of appropriate keywords-hashtags that will help you in search engine results by increasing the percentage of a possible successful conversion of visitors into the result (the so-called conversion rate)
  • We suggest a monthly cost of management that suits your needs and possibilities, without being bound to the time of cooperation