Packaging Design

In all aspects of modern life, images influence and affect everyone’s behaviour. The modern marketing is trying to benefit from this fact and uses visual communication and presentation to achieve the set goals. A well-designed package is enough to affect the consumer’s purchase choice. In the few seconds that he is looking at the average supermarket shelf, he has to choose among a multitude of products. The package should be one that will stand out amid the diversity of products and draw his attention. Our goal is to design packages that stand out, representing the product and convey the right message.


Basic packaging design concepts.

  • Grab the attention of the consumer
  • Protect the product
  • Make the product easily perceived
  • Visually communicate the brand
  • Transfer images and feelings
  • Communicate each time, the appropriate enjoyment, security, trust, culture

Chocolate biscuit cake packing design for the company Biscotti

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