Logo Design

A logo is the company’s mark and a part of its corporate identity. A successful and well-designed logo can increase customers’ trust and give prestige to the business, which is why it is very important to design the logo properly, and it requires a combination of knowledge in both marketing and graphic design. Each logo design of our company is the result of research, study, creative thinking, and original ideas aiming at the creation of a unique logo that can transmit the values ​​and vision of your company meeting the specific needs of each case.

Βήματα που ακολουθούμε για τον σχεδιασμό λογοτύπου

- You give a mini-interview to us to map out the functions of your company’s activities and your desires
- We conduct a study on the domain in which you trade, and we study where you differentiate from the competition
- We design sketches of possible logos which have a simple and clean design, they are functional and at the same time, intertemporal
- We present 2-3 final sketches and in cooperation with you, we refine the logo by making corrections, if necessary, according to your comments
- We send the final selection in various forms including a linear one, suitable for many applications

Logo design costs from €220 (+ VAT)

Some logos that we have designed

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