Email marketing

Email marketing is a method of direct marketing sales or services by sending mass emails. We do not mean in any way sending mass spam messages, but sending emails to people who have previously agreed to receive information and may undo their decision any time. The so-called mailing lists (list of recipients) can be created by various methods and include both existing clients and potential future ones. Sending mass emails is also known as “newsletters” and it is a technique that if properly applied, has a direct impact on sales growth.

The resulting email marketing advantages for you:


- Direct communication with those customers who want the communication
- Minimum cost for the creation and promotion of the emails
- Interaction with the public
- An easy, not time-consuming marketing method
- Personalised way of promotion because we can send different messages to different customers’ groups
- With the appropriate techniques, we have measurable results for our email campaigns

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So that we recommend application ways of email marketing to your own business.