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Ads on the Internet

Online advertising is a domain that shows a tremendous growth nowadays. This creates great opportunities for advertisers if they are promoted professionally to enhance their sales. A big advantage of online advertising is the better correlation of value/cost (“value for money”) in comparison to the promotion in traditional media. Also, another considered advantage is the capability of placing targeted advertisements that specify exactly who will see an ad - the gender, the age, his interests, the place of residence, etc. In this way, we define and restrict the public we are going to aim to show the advertising to the most possible client. Online advertising is not a prohibitive expense for a business and should be seen more as an investment that generates profits.

The most effective means of online advertising are:

- Google adwords
- Facebook ads
-Targeted advertising in specific websites

We customise the right ads for you on Google through the Google AdWords advertising program which is the most widespread advertising form on the Internet. The main advantages of Google AdWords are:

 - Display of the ad in the biggest search engine: Google (over the first search results and on the right of the bar)
- Display of the ad on various websites with a banner or a short message
-Advertisement at a local or global level
- The approach of users precisely at the moment when they search
- You pay only for the results (pay per click). Without visits on your website, there is no charge
- You decide the amount you will invest; a good start is a daily budget of at least €10 to €20

We create and manage your ads successfully in the most popular social networking site, Facebook. With proper techniques, we aim exactly at the audience you want to see your ad. Ads appear at various points in Facebook, as for example in the right bar, as suggested views or on the home page where we see the notifications of our friends. The main advantages of advertising on Facebook are:

-Creation of ads that appear to people whose interests (advertising preferences) are related to the promoted message. The advertising preferences are based on the information that is posted by the Facebook users, on the pages they like or on those with which they interact, on the advertisements they click, and on the applications and websites they use. They are also based on information collected by Facebook from the data providers and advertisers with whom they work together.
- Targeting users who will see the ad by demographics and other behavioural criteria, such as gender, age, city of residence, education, and interests.
- It does not require high advertising budget because we are planning the showing appropriately. You can select either daily budget or lump-sum and bid on the cost per 1.000 impressions (CPM) or the cost-per-click (CPC). You will be charged only for the clicks or impressions you get up to the amount you set for your budget. A good start is a daily budget of at least €4 to €10.

Targeted ads on specific websites have several advantages when we want to promote products or services to a specific target group. The ads appear in the form of banner advertising on various points of the selected sites. With a quite large advertising expenditure our advertisement may appear at the beginning or during the navigation on a website displaying an advertising animated (flash) text, covering the whole page.

We suggest the best advertising solutions

Get effective online advertising, increase traffic and win new clients. Our goal is to utilise all the tools of internet marketing correctly.